Watering Your Dreams

I just love this!! “Always be on the lookout to turn a problem into an opportunity for success.” And for me at times, it starts out with being on the lookout for my own mental attitude. When I find myself preoccupied with worry and fear, I look for ways to reframe the predominant thought and focus on that instead.


For example, last evening before bedtime I was looking over my to-list for today, and I was struggling with thoughts of resistance: “Oh, there’s nothing on that list I want to do.” “I don’t know how I am ever going to get that done, I feel so overwhelmed”. These are not good thoughts to go to bed with, so I reframed them: “Just think of the progress I will make when I do things, and how that will give me peace of mind because I am making progress.”

I am finding that any negative thought can be reframed in a positive way, and once I dwell on the positive aspect, I feel my spirit soar. So here’s to watering our dreams with optimism and solutions!!

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