Christmas in June?

Did I actually say “Christmas in June”? Why yes I did! While the rest of the world doesn’t have to think much about Christmas until a few months from now, Christmas is all I can think about right now. That’s because…


This year, I am coming out with a holiday-themed release–yep, that’s right!–just in time for the holidays. Hooray!! The release date is set for November 15th and there are a lot of details to work out before then. But I do have a vision for the project and here it is…

First, you can expect more of my particular blend of solo piano, new age, electronica and jazz–all with a cinematic sensibility. But that’s not all! I will also be featuring some Northwest talent–singers and instrumental soloists. I’m loving how this is all coming together. Very exciting!!

So, all to say, stay tuned! I will keep you  up-to-date as this project takes on more shape. Expect me to post links to demos and works in progress along the way.

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