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The chilled and relaxing grooves of Kelly Carpenter’s piano playing combine elements of ambient rock with new age instrumental magic on his latest release, Passage. The adventurous “Summer Rain” takes on a life of its own with lush piano melodies and an ambient rock vibe that is wholly instrumental. The quick and short keys resemble falling rain. “A Distant Shore” seems more like an ode to Ireland with a pensive, yet emotive violin solo that only lasts thirty-seconds. “Whom Have I But You?” contains playful piano melodies and a little percussion to add some meat to the track. The fluttering electric sounds merge into an electric guitar medley that appropriately accompanies the piano. The rain and thunder noises of “Waiting” are accompanied by solo, meditative piano. “Saying Goodbye” contains a rousing and jazzy melody with light percussion and piano accompaniment with the unmistakable sounds of an electric guitar. This is probably the most ambient rock-type song on the album that encompasses a bit of blues and roots music thrown in. “Ascent” opens with bird sounds and a fast-paced piano with light percussion and atmospheric keyboards. “The View From Here” opens with spacey noises, atmospheric washes, and sparkling piano sounds before a little post-ambient rock guitar breaks the serenity. The last few tunes add a little more rock guitar, but it does not detract away from the new age nuances throughout. In fact, the rock guitar is a perfect addition to the instrumental music. If Passage is a journey, his piano is the vehicle. Fans of solo instrumental piano, new age and ambient rock will love it. Similar artists: Michele de Wilton, Danny Wright, and Al Conti.

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