Introduction: Adore

Intro-Adore-BadgeI have always enjoyed the combination of electronic and more traditional instruments, so I decided to start the record out with a mostly electronic background. I don’t remember exactly how this piece evolved, but I’m pretty sure it started out with the electronic bits and then I settled on a Christmas melody to play on the piano. I had intended to cover the whole of “O Come All Ye Faithful”, but once I came up with the idea for the bass line and decided to keep the same chord progression throughout, it limited what I could do with the melody, and I settled on the melody of “O come let us adore Him”.

I came up with the bass part in my head, and so I grabbed what I call my “cheap” Ibanez electric bass and threw down a part. I like the juxtaposition of the electronica with the real bass. I refer to my bass as “cheap” because I paid only $150 for it. It is the bottom of the line Ibanez, made in Indonesia I think, but it still sounds pretty good.

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For the keyboard parts, I started out with Ableton Live as an arranging tool, as I did with most of the songs, and it includes a feature called an “arpeggiator” which allows me to play a chord and the program breaks it into an arpeggio based on some pattern I select and tweak. It’s the same device I used for the opening of “Summer Rain” from my previous release, “Passage“. For computer-based sounds, I mostly draw from three programs: Ableton Live, Propellerhead Reason, and Spectrasonics Ominisphere.

I kept this song short so it would serve as an opener for the record, and also because I had in mind all along to reprise the song at the end of the record with a full band.

Publishing: Traditional/Public Domain based on O Come All Ye Faithful. Original music by Kelly Carpenter, © 2013 KelSongs / Kelly Carpenter Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

Recording credits: Kelly Carpenter/piano, cheap Ibanez bass, programming. Recorded June 2013 at Avondale. 

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