Wanna Whistle On My Record?

I’m scouring the continents for people who would like to add some whistling to this track. That’s right, I would like you to whistle on my upcoming holiday record, The Noël Project. This mission, should you choose to accept it, involves the following:

1. You will be whistling along to an ancient Christmas classic, Angels We Have Heard On High–specifically the “Gloria” part.
2. You are provided with a guide part that starts around 30 seconds in. You will hear a little pickup motif and then the familiar “Gloria” refrain which you can whistle along to.
3. This will repeat seven more times every eight bars. This is so you can try it multiple times. The song won’t go this long, but this is for you record your whistles. Meanwhile, enjoy our jam at the end.
4. Now for the technical part. I only want back your naked whistle (if you will pardon the expression). None of the background music and in as quiet of a room as possible.
5. How to do this: Assuming you don’t have recording equipment, you can pull this off with a couple of smart phones or a computer and smart phone. Use one as a player and listen to it with earbuds. Record your whistling using the other device’s voice memo app. (If you do happen to have recording equipment, then you know what to do.)
6. Email me an mp3 is fine, (highest quality possible), at jingle@kellycarpentermusic.com
7. Final word: Absolutely have fun with this. Don’t be concerned if you start giggling. I love all of it. Gather your in-tune family members, neighbors, dentists, barristas, FedEx couriers, and their dogs..you get the idea.
8. The final final word: If I can use your recording, you will get credit for it in the liner notes. Have fun!

Credits –
Marc Miller/bass – Bryon Atterberry/drums – Kelly Carpenter/piano/keys/programming

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One Response to Wanna Whistle On My Record?

  1. Sue says:

    Loving your music Kelly ! Thanks ! 🙂

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