The Coventry Carol

Coventry-BadgeI love the melody of this song and when I decided to record it, in my mind I heard my friend Jackson Rice play flugelhorn on it, and he did a fabulous job.

I don’t remember exactly how I came up with the feel. Most of the time, I’ll sit at the piano and something just comes out of “the ether” as some would put it, or “on a flaming pie” as John Lennon would say to Paul. Quincy Jones attributes the creative energy as coming “from above” and I prefer to think of it that way since I believe in a higher power, or if you will, God, where all the creative energy comes from. Regardless of your spiritual leanings, suffice it to say that “stuff” happens and I’m glad to participate in the creative process.

Whereas The Holly and the Ivy took on a GRP Christmas feel, this arrangement is a more contemporary jazz, stylistically reminding me somewhat of the group Fourplay, and when Marc Miller said my playing reminded him of Bob James, the keyboardist from Fourplay… well, there you have it. Scott Burnett added his wonderful guitar in post-production.

Recording credits: Jackson Rice: flugelhorn / Bryon Atterberry: drums / Marc Miller: bass / Scott A. Burnett: electric guitars / Kelly Carpenter: piano, programming. Drums & Bass recorded September 2013 at 57th Street Productions, Monroe, WA by Scott Anderson.

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