A First Taste of Project “Noël”

Have a listen to the first taste of my upcoming Christmas record, codenamed “Project Noël”.

Yes, it may be the end of July, but I’m visualizing mistletoe and sugar plum fairies. Meanwhile, the sun is out and the weather here is just wonderful this year in the Pacific Northwest. As you can imagine, it’s a bit difficult to be thinking about Christmas at a time like this. Nonetheless, we’re underway, right in the thick of the “pre-production” phase of the project. This means song selection, working on arrangements, and lining up the musicians and singers involved.

I now have various Christmas songs bouncing around in my head while doing such summery things as barbecuing and yard work. But that’s okay…

Now please enjoy a rough draft of an adaptation of “O Come All Ye Faithful”. This is currently slated to be the album opener. It’s not a full rendition of the song, but rather a bit of a teaser to draw the listener in. I envision giving the song a fuller, more straight-ahead treatment later on in the album. We’ll see. I’m having fun being creative, so nothing is set in stone quite yet.

So, enjoy, share, and download. And tell me what you think!!

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